Long Live the Reckless…..I’d rather be considered crazy than boring!

I lost count of the amount of times someone said to me “are you running away from something?” Finally I decided to justify myself to those around me who just couldn’t see it…. “I’m finally running towards life”

The Solo Pursuit is the moment I began accepting my soul was restless. I was 28 and about to take my first solo trip to Budapest. Terrified, excited and with way too much luggage my feet landed firmly and I began exploring. I was hooked! So much so that when I got home I decided a once a year holiday isn’t enough. But I also had a lack of funds to just travel the world. I decided to be a slooooow traveler. I got my TEFL certificate and booked a one way flight to China!

Now I do a mixture of working abroad followed by traveling, often volunteering. As I said I’m restless. I don’t suit having too much time on my hands and as most travelers will agree, it’s worth giving back to something that gives you so much.

This is my freedom journal, a collection of stories and images of why I’ve decided upon the pursuit of what sets my soul on fire.