Causeway Bay Hong Kong

My first trip to Hong Kong was exhausting. It was August 2016, I was visiting to change my visa and a typhoon was due the day I was to leave. I arrived following delays, stumbled around the city looking for WiFi as I was lost trying to find my hostel. This resulted in my first Mc Donald’s meal in five or so years. Finding the hostel around midnight I was immediately challenged to getting ready in 10minutes to join a party I apparently shouldn’t miss. Too tired to argue I freshened up and allowed myself to be shuffled out the door with a group of strangers, searching for a tall building whose top floor hosted the party. Needle in a haystack echoed in my mind. Despite the odds of finding the right building we succeeded.

I stumbled to my hostel, disorientated through tiredness mainly. This was the first chance to really take in my environment. I had never stayed in a hostel before and I chose Yesinn on Causeway Bay from recommendation and convenient location to the immigration center. I stayed in a mixed dorm room of nine people, I turned out to be the only girl but was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere. I was invited to dinner and to site see and left to my own devices if I preferred. Unfortunately my only aim of this trip was to catch up on sleep and obtain my new visa, so I remained solo and wandered the city to take in its diverse and contemporary architecture.

visions of glass and steal

Hong Kong’s skyline is considered by many to be the most impressive and at present is the worlds biggest with a total of 7,681 skyscrapers, placing it ahead of even New York City. Although Hong Kong holds many styles of architecture, in my short visit I decided to explore it’s examples of a more modern design, taking in the aesthetics of glass and steel. It would be easy to miss this city at eye level, the relentless vertical heights reached by Hong Kong’s skyscrapers often leave you with no where to look but up, in awe of the construction. It was pleasant however to see areas of green life entwined in contrast with such magnificent design.


This year I shall revisit Hong Kong and follow up this post with more varied examples of this city’s spectacular architecture. For now, here you are…

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Bank of China Tower
Lippo Centre
One International Finance Centre

Fear and Loathing a La Moda
the sub issues

In 2012 I was in my last year of university and indulging in the creative freedom this allowed. We were always told that once we entered the industry we would lose much dictatorship over the direction of the projects we worked on and that this really was the time to make use of the facilities around us: for anyone in university reading this don’t half ignore this advice as I did because you will miss the opportunity once it has gone!

One thing to be said for such flexibility is that you can find yourself floating, wandering where to put your feet on the ground. I needed to find some direction. In search of inspiration I headed over to the D&AD website to look at the current briefs. This was where I discovered The Hunger magazine.

I was no stranger to John Rankin’s work in fashion, photography and publishing. Dazed & Confused and AnOther magazines have always stood out to me for their creative fearlessness and originality. The Hunger magazine meets all possible expectations. The biannual magazine focuses on fashion, culture and lifestyle and inspired me to create a sub issue as a project. I wanted to explore the theme of an ‘elephant in the room’ in relation to celebrity culture, using song lyrics and photography as the main content.

I was able to find a type of paper that’s name escapes me now but it added a muted, grainy tone and rough texture to the magazine. In contrast I had a book made to accompany the issue and gave the pages a satin finish. Covers were designed for two further issues but time did not allow for me to develop these further.

Although I have long left university this project has always been one I’ve remained quite fond of and so wished to document here. Unfortunately the images are old and all I have until I once again venture to the UK so, presenting…

A fragmented soul



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